A quarter can’t keep up health goals for a week: Weight Watchers

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More than a quarter of Australians aren’t able to maintain their desired health goals even for a week, according to new research by Weight Watchers.

The vast amount of food options available 24/7 are leading people to think about food constantly, while hectic schedules and long work hours mean working fitness into a routine is difficult, the weight loss brand says.

These factors, coupled with the vast amount of quick-fix diets on the market have led to widespread confusion, with 65% of Australians baffled by the amount of health and diet information available.

Among the findings of the Weight Watchers research are:

  • 61% of Australians find it hard to get themselves into a healthy diet and exercise routine, and women are more likely to struggle (64%; men 57%);
  • 43% of those who have tried a quick-fix diet turn to snacks when they are bored, 38% crave unhealthy foods and 33% eat mindlessly when stressed;
  • two thirds of Aussies say they sit down more than they stand up most days of the week, with three in five sitting down for more than six hours a day;
  • the key barriers keeping people from moving more include: lack of motivation (37%), being busy and tired (24%) technological distractions and gym costs (21%).
  • only 47% of Australians are getting the recommended amount of sleep (seven to nine hours) per night; this tiredness is leading to unhealthy food choices (33%) with one in four people skipping their exercise routine; and
  • 35% say they suffer from mood swings, are less productive at work (43%) and are more likely to fight with their partner (24%) when tired.

Weight Watchers has launched new “WW Your Way,” which it says focuses on a holistic lifestyle approach that enables people to tackle food, fitness and feeling good their own way.

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