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Pharmacy cricket hits the halls of greatness with scholarships awarded and former Aussie captains speaking from the heart 

A brilliant and honest speech by former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke was a highlight of the gala dinner that ended the 12th National Pharmacy Cricket Carnival.

Held at the Great Hall of the University of Sydney, Mr Clarke and 1960s Australian batsman (and 1-test captain) Brian Booth were guests of honour at an event attended by the members of the four teams who competed in the carnival, former players, sponsors and other guests.

“And then Warnie said…”: Michael Clarke, former Australian cricket captain, captivated the crowd.

Mr Clarke’s speech was warmly received by all, and he allowed time for a lengthy Q&A session and photos with attendees.

This year’s carnival was a close-run affair with the Industry team pipping New South Wales to the title on runs average per wicket count back. Both teams had two wins from their three games.

Previous titleholders Queensland, and Victoria (including two South Australian players), also competed in this year’s carnival.

Another highlight of the evening was the awarding of the annual Pharmacy Cricket scholarships. This year, the two scholarship winners were, coincidentally, both students of the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Pharmacy: Deborah Greenbaum and Harrison Kahn. 

Greg Hodgson congratulates scholarship winners Deborah Greenbaum and Harrison Kahn

Both Mr Kahn and Ms Greenbaum are going into their third year of their pharmacy studies in 2019.

Pharmacy cricket supremo Greg Hodgson said this was the first time that both scholarships were awarded to student’s from the same university, and it was pure synchronicity that they happened to be students at the university the event was held at.

Mr Hodgson also announced that he would be stepping down from his role as the head of Pharmacy Cricket. He was congratulated by all attendees for his sterling efforts to resurrect pharmacy cricket in 2000, and to lead it through a successful 19 years.

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