Apply minimum regs to complementary medicines: ASMI

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The Australian Self Medication Industry has welcomed the Federal Government’s Review of complementary medicines.

“This is a great opportunity to get the right regulatory settings for complementary medicines, which are taken by 70% of Australians,” says ASMI Executive Director Dr Deon Schoombie.

“ASMI urges the Federal Government to apply the COAG principle of ‘minimum effective regulation’ to the regulation of low risk medicines such as complementary medicines, while maintaining appropriate safety standards for consumers.”

He says ASMI believes there are a range of areas that would benefit from regulatory reform, including for example, policy relating to new ingredients, Good Manufacturing Practice and advertising, amongst others.

“The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) should accept low risk ingredients approved by comparable overseas regulators as part of streamlining new ingredient approvals and increasing access for consumers,” Dr Schoombie says.

“ASMI supports the maintenance of Good Manufacturing Practice principles but urges the TGA to provide clearer guidance materials for lowest-risk products and align clearance frequency with overseas agency audits.

“ASMI advocates for an improved system for pre approving advertising and complaints handling.

“ASMI looks forward to providing a detailed submission covering a range of regulatory reform proposals that will ensure the right settings for Australia’s complementary medicines regulatory framework.”

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