Asthma patients urged to check inhaler technique in pharmacy

asthma: boy uses puffer

Discount Drug Stores has urged asthma patients to proactively check their inhaler technique to ensure that they are taking their medications correctly and getting the full dosage during Lung Health Awareness Month.

Up to 90% of Australians use their inhaler incorrectly, increasing their risk of sick leave, asthma attacks and hospitalisation.

To combat this problem, Discount Drug Stores is actively encouraging asthma patients to have their technique assessed by their professionally qualified pharmacists.

Discount Drug Stores General Manager Douglas Kuskopf-Dallas says that 2.2 million Australians have asthma, and up to nine out of 10 who use inhaler medication aren’t using it properly.

“Having a brief refresh and check up on the correct technique has been shown to be effective at improving your intake of your medications, ensuring that you really do get the correct dosage into your airways,” he reminded consumers.

Pharmacist and Professional Services Manager Stephenie Shea encouraged consumers to talk with their pharmacist to ensure they are getting the most from their asthma medication.

“Many asthma patients struggle to get control over their asthma and a main reason is that they are using their handheld inhaler or puffer incorrectly, Shea says.

“Many people we see using inhalers incorrectly tend to be young children, older adults, and people using more than one type of inhaler.”



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