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  1. Faxing dispensing histories to hospitals……. Adam Harradine
  2. Re: 20 years of AusPharm……. Karalyn Huxhagen
  3. Re: The NEW Auspharmlist……. Sadek Othman
  4. Re: No conflict of interest for rural pharmacies……. Karalyn Huxhagen
  5. Re: Testosterone no tonic for poor sex life……. Josephine Dundon
  6. re: Testosterone no tonic for poor sex life……. Peter Bayly
  7. Re: Poll: should pharmacists ‘strike’?……. Karalyn Huxhagen
  8. Re: The NEW Auspharmlist……. Geraldine Moses

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Re: 20 years of AusPharm: Karalyn Huxhagen

This is a very sad day for me as I consider how I met Mark. I was organising a conference for Friendlies on Hamilton Island and had met Tony and Mark and thought they would be great presenters as we were discussing innovation. Mark came to speak along with Ron Rowlands, Kate Carnell and it was a lively weekend. I learnt Mark loved Rock and Roll and nearly all kinds of music. He loved to dance and a fun weekend was had by all.

I had visited Dover Pharmacy when driving my poor husband around Tassie. Ron was more interested in the steam museum that had shut down then visiting pharmacies !

Mark and I then met again when the Rural and Remote workforce development program was established. The PGA house coped with having a Friendlies pharmacist as part of the rural program team and we spent many years working hard for this program and it is various entities.

I have placed many posts on APL and tried to push pharmacists to think hard about where we are heading. I am often stopped and asked if I am the outspoken one on Auspharm. That is me. Irwin is the evil one!

The moderation effort that Mark and the team have put into APL make it unique. I spend time on many blog sites and life can be very bitter on a few of these.

Well done Mark and Tony. Thanks for the hugs, laughs, sage advice and being there when I needed to vent.

You are so important to pharmacy. Enjoy the quieter life.


Karalyn J Huxhagen

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Re: Testosterone no tonic for poor sex life: Peter Bayly

Karalyn Huxhagen wrote: Am I misreading this study? It was a study looking at men aged 65yrs and over. This article talks about middle aged men. I do not think 65 and above is middle aged.


Middle age is always 10 years away, I am told. However, at 75 I no longer class myself as middle aged just “older” as I refuse to be old. But I did tell my kids they were middle aged when they reached 40.

Seriously, I could see no reference to testing testosterone levels before instituting supplementation and I believe that is significant.

Peter B, ageing phart

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Re: The NEW Auspharmlist: Geraldine Moses

Peter Allen wrote:  I can’t imagine being without my daily AusPharm. Until APL the Four Walls Syndrome ruled. Now colleagues generously share clinical information, we discuss pharmacy ‘politics’, the news and … just about everything.


Perhaps some of youse blokes who have been partaking in AusPharm regularly for these twenty long years could nominate Mark and Tony for knighthoods. Or PSA lifetime achievment award. Or an Oscar. Something!

I feel they have not been acknowledged sufficiently for their outstanding and revolutionary contribution to australian pharmacy. Don’t you?

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Re: No conflict of interest for rural pharmacies: Karalyn Huxhagen

Peter Crothers wrote:

Remote rural pharmacists are often the sole local pharmacist but are often denied a role with their local hospital on the grounds that it is a conflict to obtain income from the Commonwealth (PBS) and the State (hospital) in respect of the same patients. Pharmacy in these hospitals is being practiced by nurses, often in contravention of State legislation. And yet, these same hospitals’ medical workforce consists of local GPs who are being remunerated under both Commonwealth (Medicare) and State (hospital VMO contract) in respect of the same patients.


Thank you Peter for raising this issue. It affects my medication review work and my practice as a community pharmacist.

It is wrong and bizarre. Nurses and GPs and nurse practitioners can work across both Federal and State jursitictions and not pharmacists. This is an ongoing lie that drives me insane.

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Re: Poll: should pharmacists ‘strike’?: Karalyn Hixhagen

Cameron Walls wrote:  Has there ever been a situation like this where employee pharmacists have had to go on strike against their pharmacist employers? I’ve only heard stories like yours where the strikes have been lead by the business owners (or the Guild?).


In the early history of pharmacy there were strikes by the ‘guild’ of the day that involved all pharmacists. You raise a good point. for CAPS we all closed but we were not fighting our employer-we were fighting the government.

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Re: The NEW Auspharmlist: Sadek Othman

David Haworth wrote: The core of Auspharmlist is the discussion and this must be maintained, preferably moderated by a Pharmacist not a Journalist ( Thanks Mark and team ! ) The news and CPD is all useful but these can be sourced from other sites. The forum is what differentiates Auspharmlist.


Like all AusPharmListers, this forum has been, and hopefully will continue to be, one of the few constants in my daily routine. Whether at work, home or even on holidays, it’s always been there in myinbox. No escaping that. It’s an addiction that no other substitue, S8or otherwise, will fix.

Thanks Mark et al. for conceiving such an institution


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Faxing dispensing histories to hospitals

I saw a recent post about possibly charging patients postage for mailing back repeats that are faxed to a pharmacy.

What are ‘listers thoughts on charging for faxing hospitals for dispensing histories? My pharmacy is only small, so it takes one of our two staff members to print and fax histories to the hospital – which is a large percentage of the staff working! Add the cost of a phone call to the time involved and it can add up to a few dollars.

The frustration lies in the fact that we’ve been requested to send the same patient’s dispensing history 3 times over the last week. Different pharmacists in the same department each time.

Obviously, this is pure speculation, because I’m not even sure how it would be done. Has anyone else implemented something like this?

When I’ve mentioned this to the pharmacists at the hospital, no one really knows what is happening, or if faxes are kept for future use.

Anon please, don’t want to identify the hospital at this point until I talk to them further and give them a chance to improve the situation.

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Re: Testosterone no tonic for poor sex life: Josephine Dundon

Karalyn Huxhagen wrote: Am I misreading this study. It was a study looking at men aged 65yrs and over. This article talks about middle aged men. I do not think 65 and above is middle aged.


Karalyn, I am afraid I cannot remember the reference, but I seem to recall reading recently that the official definition of middle age is related to the the current life expectancy and that the top end has recently grown to 74 years!!

Perhaps another lister might have also seen and can remember the reference?

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