The path to excellence

Never before has there been so much competition, price sensitivity or low levels of customer loyalty, says Linda Miller

Now is a time of both danger and opportunity.

For the pharmacies successfully cemented in their community there are other dangers- staff who have a great relationship with customers but don’t, can’t or refuse to sell to them. They are an expense to your business instead of an revenue generating asset.

Excellence In Action

It will safeguard your longevity, financial security and standing in your community. Do you want to be a shining example to your staff and your community? Do you want to remain a member of one of the most trusted professions? How important is it that you provide real value to your customers?

Excellence is a deliberate, proactive, consistent and vigorous expectation, actually insistence, on the highest standards of quality and performance in everything you, your staff and your business does. It is contagious in the best possible way. Excellence  establishes the criteria for planning and the quality of execution but also creates zest, vitality, enthusiasm, unwavering purpose, respect and thirst for achievement.

If you demand excellence from yourself and your staff guess what you’re going to get?

Yes, I know the cynical response is ‘disappointment’ but if you commit to excellence, you lead the way and influence your people. 80% of your staff will find excitement and motivation within themselves. 20% will complain but inevitably recognize that the gravy train is now a steam train, with you, the business owner, actively and strategically keeping the train on the tracks. If they’re not interested or can’t muster the energy to create steam for momentum, they simply get off the train.

If you don’t demand excellence your customers will drift away, seduced by cheap prices elsewhere simply because it’s a differentiator or they’re doing what you should be- creating and sustaining excellence in their pharmacy business.

The Great Opportunity

Pharmacists can step more into the professional space now. Doctors are overworked and pharmacists are well placed to assist and be paid to provide advice and services that were previously free.

You can only take advantage of those opportunities with an attitude and practice of excellence.

Excellence is a compelling differentiator.

Want to be unique in your community? Be excellent.

It begins with you having a strong enough ‘why’ or internal motivation. What are the financial and other benefits to you specifically?

What are the repercussions if you don’t create excellence in your pharmacy and can you survive them?

Do you want to worry about competition, potential changes to location rules, at the mercy of the government and the mood of your staff to make a decent living or do you want to be the proactive business owner you are or can be and make the maximum difference to your community, your staff and your business?

How Do You Create Excellence?

Excellence is the result of a creatively conceived and precisely planned effort. It inspires and influences every person and activity taking place in the pharmacy. If you expect, demonstrate and firmly encourage excellence in your staff, you will all become more adaptable, proactive and creative. It makes for a positive atmosphere that permeates all corners of your pharmacy.

It is a road map to success. When a climate of excellence exists, all things- staff performance, leadership, sales, marketing, finances, systems and productivity- come easier.

Excellence in a pharmacy isn’t important, it’s critical…..because it is EVERYTHING.

If you want to discover the key elements to Excellence, they’re included in this special free report called the “The 7 Strategies PROVEN To Increase Revenue In Your Pharmacy Now”. You can download it from here

Linda Miller is a Pharmacy Business mentor and organisational psychologist with 30 years’ experience in pharmacy. 

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