COVID jab interest growing

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout draws closer, new data shows interest in uptake continues to grow

Roy Morgan has again looked into attitudes around issues surrounding the novel coronavirus, and found that now 80% of Australians say they would be willing to be vaccinated if a jab became publicly available.

This is up 1% from late January, and includes 83% of men and 77% of women.

People in NSW (86%) are the most likely to say they would be willing to be vaccinated when a coronavirus vaccine becomes available ahead of 82% of Victorians (83% in Melbourne compared to 80% in country Victoria) but support is also high in Western Australia (76%), South Australia (76%), Tasmania (75%) and Queensland (71%).

Supporters of the three main political parties are in agreement on this question with 82% of L-NP supporters, 78% of ALP supporters and 84% of Greens supporters saying they would be willing to be vaccinated when a coronavirus vaccine becomes available.

But interest has dropped since earlier in the pandemic: in March/April 2020, when the first lockdown was enforced around Australia, support for being vaccinated for COVID-19 was significantly higher.

At that time, 87% of Australians in early April agreed they would be vaccinated including 56% who strongly agreed and 31% who agreed.

In terms of masks, support for their compulsory use is highest amongst women (65%), ALP supporters (67%) and in a geographic sense people in Victoria (78%) – Melbourne (80%), with country Victoria at 71%.

Only 41% of people in South Australia and 50% of people in Queensland and Western Australia say mask wearing should be compulsory.

Analysis by federal voting intention shows ALP supporters (67%) and Greens supporters (65%) are the most likely to support the compulsory wearing of masks ahead of 60% of L-NP supporters.

In Victoria mask wearing was wanted by 65% in November, and this has now increased to 78%—so up, but lower than when Roy Morgan measured in Victoria in August (89%) and September (87%) during that State’s second COVID-19 wave.

Roy Morgan also found a large majority of Western Australians (80%) do not want state borders to be completely open.

This was higher than any other state, though there was also strong support to not completely open State borders amongst people in Tasmania (72%), South Australia (71%) and Queensland (61%). All have declined since mid-January.

In only one state, NSW, are a majority of 58% of people in favour of all State borders being completely open now, up 13% points since mid-January.

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