Diversity call at Guild

Pharmacy is a “highly feminised” industry which could do with more female leaders, says one stakeholder

Pharmacy Guild national executive director Suzanne Greenwood has urged female pharmacy owners to consider running for Guild office, as the organisation gets ready for its elections this year.

In this week’s edition of Forefront, Ms Greenwood notes that the Guild is “about to embark” on internal elections across all branches – and that it believes it to be “vital” that the organisation’s leadership reflects the diverse makeup of its membership.

“Diversity is often misconceived as solely meaning multicultural matters, however, in all its forms the Guild will benefit from a leadership reflective of the diversity of gender, race, ethnicity, age, background, location and so on,” Ms Greenwood writes.

“Clearly, as a female leader at the Guild, I also want to encourage female Guild members to get involved in the governance, direction and leadership of the Guild.

“Over recent years the profession has undergone demographic shifts with an increasing number of women entering the profession to the extent that now the majority of pharmacy graduates coming out of our universities are women.

“The fact is, community pharmacy is a highly feminised industry with some very entrepreneurial women striving to make their way as small business owners and employers.

“That’s something we need to nurture, but also leverage in a way that ensures community pharmacy remains up-to-date and responsive to the increasingly sophisticated and diverse Australian population.

“This is what we are saying to female Guild members: If you are a female pharmacy owner and you’ve ever thought about running for Guild office, please know that we support you and we encourage you, and as an organisation we need you to come on board.”

Ms Greenwood writes that the Guild is also keen to ensure that its leadership represents the many ethnic backgrounds of its membership.

“Our membership is an ethnically diverse audience, and we are committed to trying to ensure the Guild is responding to the needs and expectations of our members regardless of their ethnicity or gender.”

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