Most doctors against pharmacist vaccination

vaccine sitting on a grey surface: QPIP

A majority of doctors believe pharmacists should not be permitted to administer vaccinations, if a poll currently open on the MJA’s InSight website is to be believed

At the time of writing, 39% of respondents said they strongly disagreed with pharmacist vaccinations, with another 29% saying they disagreed.

Seventeen per cent said they agreed with pharmacist vaccination and 11% strongly agreed.

QPIP pilot leader Professor Lisa Nissen says it’s “too late” for GPs to be registering their disapproval of pharmacist vaccination.

“The horse has bolted,” Prof Nissen told the AJP. “We’re already administering them.

“Pharmacist vaccination is an opportunity to improve access to vaccination, and for doctors and pharmacists – and indeed all providers of vaccinations – to work together to do that.

“It’s not a battleground – it’s an important health issue, it’s not debatable.

“Let’s pick something else – medical certificates or minor ailments – to fight about if we must, but not something that hands down saves lives and prevents major illness.

“It’s such a nonsense thing to be debating, because it isn’t a debate about whether vaccines work, it’s not a debate about whether they are a valid health intervention – it’s a debate about turf and remuneration and it’s silly.”

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