Forum: Customer refusing to leave store after request denied

“Scenario: Denied a request (could be anything Codeine, Credit etc.) and just stands there refusing to take no as an answer.

What do you do/say and what kind of step approach would you take? Some good phrases/actions that have worked for you would be good as well

At what stage would you press the duress alarm (In Victoria the duress goes to security company who instantly notify police)?”

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  1. Kevin Hayward

    The Peace and Good Behaviour Act 1982 (Qld) allows for a person (the complainant) to make a complaint about the conduct of another person (the defendant) if the complainant’s wellbeing, quality of life or right to quiet enjoyment of their property is threatened.

  2. Rebecca Nguyen

    There would be many variables to take into consideration, e.g. history and behavior, who’s problem is it (their’s or your’s), codes of ethics and laws and consequence of possible pathways etc.
    You can inform the patient of the alternative pathways (such as referrals, alternative suitable medications and lifestyle advice) staying in your scope of practice. Then allow the patient to choose a course of action; this would be patient centered approach. If all is rejected and there is still pressure from the patient you can name the situation to control the environment. “You are placing me in a dilemma outside of my role and practice….”

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