Forum: HMR patient of the year

“Me: Your profile says you are allergic to Codeine

“Pt: Yes I am – I need Targin and Endone cos Codeine makes me itch

“Me: why are you taking 75mg of Phenergan a day

“Pt: Cos I am itchy-eyes, ears, nose – I could scratch my face off

“Me: You take a 40 tablet box of Codeine and Paracetamol every six days but you are allergic to Codeine?

“Pt: I am only allergic to Codeine tablets that they gave me in hospital when they refused to give me Targin. (she takes 80mg Targin bd currently) . The ons from the pharmacy are good.

“Me: you are taking 80mg of Citalopram but the GP thinks you are taking 20mg daily.

“Pt: yes I was not coping and was feeling weird so I increased the dose…”

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