Four-times-stronger painkiller found in Endone pack

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Pharmacists are being encouraged to inspect the contents of Endone 5mg tablets, after one pack was found to contain Anamorph 30mg

The TGA has advised consumers and health professionals that in conjuction with Aspen Pharma, it is undertaking a product defect correction for one batch of Endone 5mg tablets (batch number CW612, expiry November 2020).

A single pack of Endone 5mg tablets in South Australia has been found to contain a blister sheet of Anamorph 30mg tablets, it warns.

While the product names were correctly printed on the back of the blister sheet, the tablets and the blisters are a similar size, shape and colour, which increases the risk of inadvertently taking the wrong medicine.

The TGA is warning consumers that Anamorph 30mg is a stronger dose (approximately four times the morphine equivalent dose of Endone) and could result in overdose and serious health risks if taken inadvertently.

Endone 5mg.

Before taking any tablets from the affected batch of Endone 5mg, patients should visually inspect blister sheets to ensure they contain the correct medicine.

As a further precautionary measure, pharmacists are also being asked to visually inspect the contents of packets of Endone 5mg tablets from the affected batch to ensure they are correct before dispensing.

Patients are advised to take any incorrect tablets they spot back to their pharmacy.

A quarantine placed on Endone 5mg tablets from batch number CW612 on Friday 26 July 2019 has been lifted, the TGA advised health professionals.

However, if any incorrect blister sheets are found in packs of Endone 5mg tablets, or any other product, health professionals should inform the sponsor and follow all relevant dispensing guidelines and in accordance with their jurisdictional poisons legislation, says the TGA.

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