Guild stalwart joins CWH

Chemist Warehouse announces it has retained the Pharmacy Guild’s long-serving former communications director Greg Turnbull 

After 12 years as the Guild’s most senior communications officer and Group Executive for Engagement and Advocacy, Greg Turnbull has taken up the role of independent communications adviser to Chemist Warehouse to assist in general communications, media liaison and advocacy.

In a release the company said the move would “help ensure its service to the Australian community is understood, appreciated and allowed to flourish”.

Mr Turnbull was the Guild’s Communications Advisor from September 2008 till January 2021. After leaving the Guild he has established an advocacy and communications consultancy. His new role was announced in a release this morning. 

Director and co-founder of Chemist Warehouse, Damien Gance, said: “We look forward to benefitting from Greg Turnbull’s knowledge, experience and skillset in media and politics as we deal with the changes, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the pharmacy sector.

“Our network of pharmacies is in high demand, as the pharmacies of choice for millions of Australians every week. We intend to continue to make our case for beneficial regulatory reform of the community pharmacy sector in the interests of consumers and patients – and we value Greg’s input into this work,” he said.

“Chemist Warehouse provides a service that customers value and which they are independently choosing to engage with as consumers and patients,” Mr Gance said.

“Chemist Warehouse and its pharmacists are rightly proud of the manner in which they deliver professional services, including immunisation services which are contributing to public health”.

“Greg Turnbull will be assisting us to ensure the significant contribution to Australians’ health and wellness by Chemist Warehouse outlets across Australia is acknowledged and understood,” Mr Gance said.

Mr Turnbull said: “There’s no doubt in my mind that Chemist Warehouse are Australia’s champion retail pharmacies – consumers have voted with their feet and given the group overwhelming support day after day.

“There is no substitute for price, convenience and quality service – and that is what Chemist Warehouse strives to deliver, ideally in a regulatory environment which encourages rather than stifles competition.

“I look forward to making a contribution to the work that Chemist Warehouse does for consumers and as part of the Australian health system.”

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  1. Sean

    Throwing money at your opponents’ former employees is a very effective strategy, it’s exactly what the pharmaceutical industry does with FDA employees in America and it works amazingly well. CWH now gets Turnbull’s connections to people on the inside, and they also incentivise favourable treatment from current Guild members with the lure of lucrative consultancy gigs once their time is up in the Guild. Genius really.

  2. Ex-Pharmacist

    Wow, this is going to cause some cursing and door-slamming at 15 National Circuit.

  3. disqus_K5pjSxmTKd

    Great. A master of propaganda pretending to be out for community pharmacy decides to join an organisation also pretending to be out for community pharmacy. Considering that the Guild had a rocky history with CWH, some people do make strange bedfellows indeed! It’s not just money, it’s also the common mentality!

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