How much is that koala in the window?

Residents of Portland, Victoria were treated to a show as a koala was herded into a local pharmacy’s window

Kylie Zordan, manager of the Portland Amcal pharmacy, was serving a customer and discussing eucalyptus spray when she spotted a new customer.

“A gorgeous little koala came in and out of our store three times last Thursday,” she told the AJP. “He came in, and I went out there to take control of the situation.

“I ushered him out the back door, where there’s trees, but he came in and out a few times, then went running out the front like he was going to run onto the road.

“I cornered him into our front window. So he was our display until the wildlife guys came out.”

At first the koala seemed quite happy to be in the pharmacy, and Ms Jordan said she was able to give it a pat.

“He was really tame, though he was starting to get a little aggressive when I cornered him up the front,” she said.

“But we had heaps of people watching his little antics – he was trying to climb the side of the window frame. It was actually really lovely.”

Wildlife Officers soon attended the scene and were able to collect the koala and take him to nearby bushlands.

A koala pops into the Portland Amcal. Image courtesy Kylie Zordan.
A koala pops into the Portland Amcal. Image courtesy Kylie Zordan.

Ms Zordan said that while the pharmacy has enjoyed the attention, koalas are actually a bit of a problem in the area.

“It’s been good publicity for the store,” she said. “The customers thought it was wonderful. Everyone asked whether he came in to see how much the eucalyptus was, though it’s free out the back!

“And of course I was holding the eucalyptus spray when I was first serving a customer and went running to deal with him, too.

“But we do have a bad koala problem here. They’re in stores every week up in town – one was walking up the side of my house the other day on the way to school – though I think this is the first one that’s come into a pharmacy.”

Given the number of koalas intruding into human habitats of late, Ms Zordan says other store owners should “just be ready to escort them out safely”.

The Portland koala is not the first to pop into pharmacy for a look around lately – this pharmacy had a similar visit a year ago.

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