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In five years’ time, pharmacists will be the custodians of medicine safety, embedded wherever medicines are used, and more responsible and accountable for the safe and effective use of medicines, says PSA

The Pharmaceutical Society is launching its report into the near future of pharmacy this morning at a breakfast at Parliament House, Canberra.

Pharmacists in 2023: For patients, for our profession, for Australia’s health system outlines 11 changes the Society says are needed to deliver safe, quality improvements in the use of medicines, as well as better use of pharmacists.

Pharmacists in 2023 is the pharmacy profession’s response to the national medicine safety problem,” says national president Dr Chris Freeman.

“The report unlocks the potential for pharmacists to improve healthcare access and outcomes for Australians and reduce variability in care.”

Citing the PSA’s recent report into medicines safety, in which it was revealed that 250,000 people are admitted to hospital each year as a result of medicine-related problems, he said medicines safety should be a national priority.

The report identifies the key actions needed to address this issue by unlocking more opportunities for pharmacists as the guardians of medicine safety.

“Pharmacists must be empowered to do more than the current system allows them to do. As the only health professionals trained with a specific focus on the effective and safe use of medicines, pharmacists must lead a culture change to embed medicine safety at every point of healthcare delivery.

“Rather than gazing into a crystal ball, we have laid out an ambitious agenda for change with tangible and practical actions to support all pharmacists to reach their full potential and provide more effective and efficient healthcare.

“All of the actions in Pharmacists in 2023 aim to ensure pharmacists practise to the full extent of their expertise, are recognised for their key role in healthcare and are remunerated appropriately.

“Our goal is to ensure any Australian, no matter where they live, can receive the best possible care from a pharmacist, and that pharmacists are supported to address their patients’ needs using the full extent of their training and expertise.”

The report is the result of two years of consultation with a wide range of pharmacy, consumer and health stakeholders.

The report identifies 11 actions for change:

  1. Empower and expect all pharmacists to be more responsible and accountable for medicine safety.
  2. Enhance the role of community pharmacists to have a greater level of responsibility and accountability for medicines management.
  3. Embed pharmacists within healthcare teams to improve decision making for the safe and effective use of medicines.
  4. Facilitate pharmacist prescribing within a collaborative care model.
  5. Improve pharmacist stewardship of medicine management to improve outcomes at transitions of care.
  6. Utilise and build upon the accessibility of community pharmacies in primary care to improve consumer access to health services.
  7. Equip the pharmacist workforce, through practitioner development, to address Australia’s existing and emerging health challenges.
  8. Establish additional funding models to recognise the value and quality of pharmacist care.
  9. Allow greater flexibility in funding and delivery of pharmacist care to innovate and adapt to the unique patient needs in regional, rural and remote areas.
  10. Develop and maintain a research culture across the pharmacist profession to ensure a robust evidence base for existing and future pharmacist programs.
  11. Embrace digital transformation to improve the quality use of medicines; support the delivery of safe, effective, and efficient healthcare; and facilitate collaborative models of care.

Dr Freeman said, “I now look forward to working with pharmacy leaders, other healthcare groups, consumers and government to advance the role of pharmacists in 2023 – for patients, for our profession and for Australia’s health system.”




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  1. Ken Harvey

    I’ve worked with pharmacists all my professional life; they are valuable colleagues with complementary expertise to doctors. I support the PSA’s action plan for “Pharmacists in 2023”. However, building on the PSA’s recent advice about homeopathy products, I suggest a 12th action: Only recommend and stock evidence-based products. See:

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