Is a pharmacist haunting this dope shop?

Workers at an Oregon City cannabis dispensary suspect a pharmacist is haunting their store, because their alleged ghost “likes to organise things”

TV station KGW8 has reported on suspected paranormal activity at the Five Zero Trees “craft cannabis dispensary,” airing surveillance footage of mysterious movements of objects.

In one surveillance video, a tip jar appears to slide off the level surface of the store’s counter, while worker Andy Gomez was only feet away.

“As it was happening, I kind of felt like somebody was standing next to me, or like somebody was, like, right here,” said Mr Gomez.

In another video, pens and scissors move about in a jar.

Reporter Katherine Cook explains that due to legislation around the regulation of cannabis stores, doctoring the footage would be illegal.

It comprises “state-certified videos,” said general manager Samantha Davidson, who explained that at the beginning of the 20th century, the building had been used as a pharmacy.

“I feel like it’s the pharmacist because he likes to organize things,” Ms Davidson told KGW8. “I’ll leave it to the ghost hunters.

“I just hope that the pharmacist is happy we’re here.”

Studio anchors had another idea, however.

“Maybe the ghost just wants to roll up a big fatty, and you know, get his night going,” said one.

A “full on ghost hunting outfit” which attended the store to conduct an investigation reported several variances in temperature which were considered “suspect,” Ms Cook said.

And as she also pointed out, the story broke just in time for Halloween.

Readers can view the surveillance footage here.

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