Jackson returns fire in YouTube video

The PSA’s Shane Jackson has taken to YouTube to explain why customers may have to wait for their script to be filled

Dr Jackson was responding to a Facebook rant by KiisFM’s Thinkergirls co-host Kristie Mercer, who was unable to understand why she had to wait 15 minutes to receive her medicine.

“Like, what is happening? I can see the medicine behind you, it’s like two metres away,” she said in the video.

“Just grab it off the shelf and press print on the old sticker printer, slap it on and away we go. Is there some kind of magical process that’s taking place back there? Because I’m very intrigued as to why it takes so long.”

She said she suspected the wait times existed to encourage customers to browse and make extra purchases.

Pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and even doctors condemned the video, which was soon taken down.

Now, the PSA president has responded with a video of his own.

“Pharmacists need to ensure that a medicine is safe and appropriate for the patient who presented the prescription, so my view is that a prescription takes as long as it takes to identify whether that medicine is safe and appropriate for the patient,” Dr Jackson explained.

“Pharmacists need to make sure that they take their time; that they’re not rushed, that they identify whether there is problems in the safe and appropriate use of medicines for an individual and that if there are problems, we would expect them to intervene.”

If a pharmacist were to rush through a job and not check for these issues, they would not be doing “the job that we expect them to play in health care”.


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  1. Michael O'Reilly

    Meanwhile I waited 15 minutes for a coffee and a sandwich yesterday…

  2. Philip Smith

    Why did no one consider inviting her to actually see the process? (Not there and then)
    Sign a confidentiality document.
    Help people understand the process.
    Let her see the work pharmacist do?
    Or would it just reveal am understaffed script factory?

    • Jarrod McMaugh

      Has been invited

      By at least 4 more than myself as far as I have been able to determine

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