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Australian Healthcare Associates has advised on transition arrangements for 6CPA programs, as the date for the change looms

In late October, Australian Healthcare Associates advised that the Australian Government had awarded it the services agreement to administer the programs.

This applies to the 23 Community Pharmacy Programs funded under the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement, including including Dose Administration Aids, Staged Supply, Home Medicines Reviews, RMMRs, MedsChecks, Diabetes MedsChecks, rural support programs, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander support programs.

Since 2014, the Pharmacy Guild had administered the bulk of the programs.

AHA advises that from 1 February 2019, all new claims should be submitted to the Pharmacy Programs Administrator – the name under which AHA will operate for the purposes of administering the 6CPA programs.

The Pharmacy Guild will continue to administer the programs up to and including 31 January 2019.

It will receive and process claims up to and including 31 January 2019, and make payments and resolve issues in relation to these claims; and will also operate its support Centre and other methods of contact until and including that date.

The Pharmacy Programs Administrator (PPA) has advised that its website will go live on 1 February 2019 and contact details will be provided then.

It says it will contact current users in the meantime to provide information and support regarding setting up user accounts for the new portal.

The Guild has provided PPA with information about current users, which PPA will use to establish user accounts; on 1 February users will be contact with information about logging on for the first time and setting new passwords.

Users who first registered on the Guild’s 6CPA portal between November 2018 and January 2019 may need to wait until later in February for such information.

“The Guild 6CPA Registration and Claiming Portal will be unavailable for the submission of 6CPA Program claims once the Guild’s claiming and processing activities have been completed,” says the PPA.

“Pharmacies and other portal users should be aware that data, including historical claims and payment information, will not be accessible after this date.

“Users that require a record of this information for business, taxation or other purposes should ensure that they record any required information prior to the portal being disabled.”

For MedsCheck, Diabetes MedsCheck, Staged Supply, DAAs, HMRs and RMMRs, the Guild will continue to receive claims until 31 January 2019 and will process and pay these claims and resolve any issues; but PPA will handle these processes from 1 February 2019.

This means services delivered during January 2019 can potentially be claimed via the Guild or the PPA.

“Claimants will need to ensure that services delivered in January 2019 are claimed only once, i.e. via the Guild OR via the Pharmacy Programs Administrator,” says the PPA.

“Claims in respect of services delivered in January will be subject to review, and repayment will be required if duplicate claims are made.”

For HMRs and RMMRs, prior approvals should be submitted to the Guild till 31 January and the PPA from 1 February.

Service or activity dates when different programs were conducted vary as to which administrator should be contacted.

For example, for clinical interventions, the Guild will process and pay claims for the October to December 2018 period, and will open a claiming window for 1 to 14 January 2019.

Full details are available at the 6CPA website or, from 1 February 2019, the PPA’s new portal.

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