Man robbed pharmacy 10 days after jail release

A man who attempted to rob a Gold Coast pharmacy, but was restrained by passers-by, has been sentenced

In December 2017, Michael Paul Allen went to the pharmacy in Southport armed with a bright green toy gun, and told a pharmacy assistant that he was robbing the store.

The pharmacist, Alexandra Wakefield, emptied the tills and when asked, gave the man a number of drugs.

“He started rattling off names of drugs, and I directed him to the ones he wanted,” Ms Wakefield told the AJP at the time.

“He had a huge bag, he was filling it and he kept rattling off more names. He was really pushing his luck, saying more cash, more methadone, more Valium.”

Two men, Andy David and Gerard Pashkevich, had been eating pizza next door with their girlfriends, and noticed that the robbery was taking place.

They entered the pharmacy and restrained the man, with the help of Ms Wakefield, who brought them a cord to use as makeshift handcuffs.

“I’d thought he was going to get away with it, and I was actually quite frustrated that people can do this sort of thing and get away with it,” Ms Wakefield said at the time. “So watching him get tackled was just the best thing.”

Now, the Gold Coast Bulletin reports that the robber, Mr Allen, was convicted of two counts of rape in 2010.

He was released in July 2017. In October he went to a Gold Coast pub where he was caught stealing a tip jar, and pulled a knife on a man who attempted to stop the theft.

In November, police went to his home and found a stolen debit card and licence.

Mr Allen robbed the pharmacy only 10 days after he was released on the 2017 charges.

He has appeared before Southport District Court on charges of armed robbery, supplying dangerous drugs, enter premises to commit and indictable offence, common assault, contravening a direction given by police, assaulting or obstructing police, receiving tainted property and possessing dangerous drugs.

He pleaded guilty on all charges.

The Court heard that Mr Allen had also tried to mail narcotics to a friend who was still in prison.

He was sentenced to five years in prison, and will be eligible for parole on August 9, 2018.

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  1. Peter Allen

    When a man holds up a pharmacy with a water pistol, just give him homeopathic drugs.

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