Maxigesic takes the lead

Maxigesic is outselling other paracetamol-ibuprofen brands in pharmacy

There has been strong sales in schedule 3 30s packs, which the company says is significant as it means pharmacists are recommending it to patients.

“For us to lead this category is encouraging because there are some heavily promoted brands we’re competing against and our result has been achieved with a much lower promotional budget than some of our competition. Pharmacists clearly have confidence in Maxigesic,” said Dr Hartley Atkinson, managing director of AFT Pharmaceuticals, which makes the product.

Dr Atkinson also the dosage format was driving sales and profits.

Maxigesic is only combination analgesic with a maximum daily OTC dosage of paracetamol (4000mg) and ibuprofen (1200mg). Therefore, patients requiring the maximum daily dosage will use more tablets than competitor brand equivalents–generating higher sales for pharmacy,

However, Dr Hartley cautions the post-OTC codeine market was still in its infancy.

“Anecdotally, we know there are people who stockpiled codeine-based painkillers before the switching date.

“As those supplies run out, they will be coming into pharmacies to find an alternative painkiller. So while the early signs are positive for us, there is still a bit of settling in to happen in the market long-term and lots of work for our team to tackle in the Australian market over the remainder of this year.”

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