‘My trust has been broken.’

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A Queensland mum has complained to mainstream media alleging a pharmacist directed a medication dosage eight times the recommended amount for her infant son

A woman has told the Courier Mail that a pharmacist directed a dosage of the medication Predmix (prednisolone) eight times the recommended amount for her seven-month-old son.

The mum said the correct dosage for a child of her son’s age and weight is 1-1.5ml, not the “NINE mL” written on the label by her pharmacist.

Having given her son the medication in the past, she noticed the mistake before providing her son with the medicine.

“I am still very upset,” she said.

“If I had trusted the pharmacist my son would have been placed in danger.

“I am shaken up and traumatised and my trust has been broken about going to the chemist.

“I’ll now have to get a second opinion on everything.”

The medicine had been dispensed at a discount pharmacy chain.

After confronting the pharmacist, the mum said she was given an apology and promised an investigation into the alleged mistake.

“I would like to see better procedures in place,” she said.

“I am still gobsmacked at what happened.”

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