NAPSA Charity Cup supports mental health advocacy

NAPSA has kicked off Charity Cup 2017 in efforts to raise money and awareness for mental health charity LIVIN

The annual, nationwide competition began earlier this month and will run for two months, concluding on 26 May.

LIVIN is a not-for-profit, mental health charity founded with a mission to eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness in today’s society.

Its slogan, “It Ain’t Weak to Speak”, has resonated with many students, who themselves are advocates for mental health. NAPSA says it has observed many members show solidarity and strength with those who have mental illness commonly found in young people, such as depression and anxiety.

NAPSA Pharmacy Awareness Chair, Vasilios Sotiropoulos, has worked closely with each branch committee chair over the last six weeks in preparation for this year’s campaign.

“It’s pleasing and very gratifying to work with students who are so passionate about the cause. Enthusiasm and drive is definitely quite noticeable with our pharmacy awareness chairs this year, and this will only mean that the funds raised will surpass last year’s totals, in addition to spreading the word about LIVIN,” says Mr Sotiropoulos.

The branches this year have not wasted any time in raising money, with $2000 already made within the first few days of the campaign.

“We’ve organised an Everyday Hero website to track how branches place against each other in receiving online donations, but the involvement doesn’t stop there.

“Branches have already had barbeques, organised chocolate drives, quiz nights and cocktail events all within such a short period of time,” says Mr Sotiropoulos.

Mr Sotiropoulos says he has hopes to eclipse the 2016 total in this year’s campaign.

“The bar has been set high, with our national target of $30,000, but I have faith that our branches will fulfil this, given the great, immediate response across the nation.”

One common event, across all NAPSA branches, which is exciting all members is a session to have LIVIN representatives come to each state to present an educational event to students.

Whilst raising much needed funds for LIVIN is a goal for Charity Cup, we mustn’t lose sight of the impact NAPSA can have by raising awareness about what LIVIN do to help those with mental illness,” said Mr Sotiropoulos.

NAPSA President Shefali Parekh says she is proud to be working with Mr Sotiropoulos and his pharmacy awareness team on a campaign intended to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness.

“By turning the spotlight on causes previously considered taboo or controversial, we aim to encourage students not to be embarrassed about talking about their issues,” Ms Parekh says.

“Charity Cup is about more than just raising money for a worthy organisation; it’s also about showcasing student support of those often marginalised by society.”

The winners of Charity Cup 2017 will be announced at NAPSA’s Annual Dinner on the 15th July in Melbourne.

NAPSA encourages and welcomes the pharmaceutical industry to support LIVIN by following the Everyday Hero Donation Page link here.

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  1. Notachemist

    Great work NAPSA!

  2. (Mary) Kay Dunkley

    Congratulations to all of the NAPSA team for your efforts to raise awareness and funds to support good mental health in our community.

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