No shortage of Epipen: manufacturer

Epipens. Image: AJP.
Epipens. Image: AJP.

There are currently Epipen supplies and no shortages, manufacturer confirms

In a recent story published by AJP, we reported on a pharmacist’s concern that they were still having trouble sourcing supplies of Epipen, despite TGA notification that earlier supply difficulties had been resolved.

AJP has been contacted by Mylan, the manufacturer of Epipen, to say that these concerns are unfounded.

Mylan confirmed with wholesalers that the pharmacy in question did not have any outstanding orders for EpiPen and there had not been any orders placed for some time.

In its email, Mylan stated that:

  • There is sufficient supply of EpiPen Adrenaline (epinephrine) Auto-Injector to meet current patient needs in Australia
  • Stock at both wholesalers and at Mylan’s warehouse is adequate, and orders from wholesalers and pharmacies are being filled as they are received

“For the past 12 months, pharmacists and wholesalers have received regular communications about Mylan’s active stock management program, including the procedure to follow for ordering EpiPen,” a spokesperson said. This advice was that they should:

  • Contact their primary wholesaler/s to obtain stock
  • Order stock, even if the wholesaler portal is showing no stock, because stock is being shipped continually
  • Refresh their EpiPen 300mcg Adrenaline (epinephrine) Auto-Injector orders with wholesalers on a weekly basis, as orders are being cancelled after any partial shipment of stock to pharmacies

Mylan expressed concern about the story saying: “publishing an alarming headline about a life-saving medication is irresponsible and could lead to panic buying and the creation of an artificial shortage.”

Mylan Australia’s dedicated, toll-free EpiPen Customer Service hotline 1800 931 625 remains up and running for any enquiries, the company spokesperson said.

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