OK for pharmacy to sell CMs: ASMI, CMA

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ASMI and Complementary Medicines Australia both believe that it’s entirely appropriate for pharmacies to sell CMs

Following last night’s 4 Corners episode, Swallowing It, CMA’s Carl Gibson told the AJP that “we should not forget that even though they are low-risk therapeutic good, complementary medicines are still medicines”.

“A 2015 study showed that Australians still prefer to purchase their complementary medicines from pharmacies due to the availability of professional advice – so we believe it’s highly appropriate for pharmacists to offer complementary medicines,” Mr Gibson says.

“More and more people turning to their pharmacist not just for prescriptions, but for services like wound management and advice on how they can incorporate complementary medicines into their overall health regime.”

Meanwhile, ASMI released a statement saying that “complementary medicines approved for supply in Australia are highly regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration” and that they remain an important part of self care.

“Labelling of complementary medicines is highly regulated to ensure labels contain the right information to help consumers select and use these products appropriately,” says Steve Scarff, ASMI Director of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs.

“Unlike in some overseas markets, companies marketing complementary medicines in Australia can only make limited claims regarding their effectiveness and are required to hold evidence supporting those claims.”

ASMI says it encourages further investment in the evidence surrounding complementary medicines and supports reforms that enable consumers to make informed decisions.

“Consumers are reminded to only purchase regulated complementary medicines in Australia and not online from overseas, to follow label instructions and warning statements, to report any adverse reactions, and to consult with a healthcare professional about possible interactions with other medicines,” says Steve Scarff.

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  1. Ian Carr

    Mr Gibson claims that “complementary medicines are still medicines”. I think from the record so far that’s not at all a given.

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