Opioid safety risk for kids

The majority of households with children are not safely storing opioid-containing medications, according to a US study

A US-wide study of adults who have used prescription opioids and lived in a home with children found only 31% stored these medications safely away from children.

In homes with children aged between 7 and 17 years the number reporting safe storage dropped to just 12%.

Safe storage was defined as keeping the medication in a locked or otherwise safe place.

With opioid overdose rates soaring in the US, the fact 70% of households with children were not taking even basic safety precautions was concerning, the authors said.

Only 13% of respondents said they “worry” about their children overdosing on opioids, a concern that declines with the age of the child.

The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, was based on a US-wide sample of nearly 5000 adults who had used prescription opioids in the last year, and who lived in a home with children.

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  1. William

    I think that poor medicine storage in Australia is similar, not only opioid containing medicines but all medicines and household chemicals too.

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