Pharmacist allegedly murdered over COVID jabs

Mr Robinette's stolen car, taken during the manhunt. Image: Howard County Police.

A US pharmacist has been shot and killed, by a man who allegedly believed health providers are “poisoning people with COVID vaccines”

US media have reported on the case of Jeffrey Burnham, who allegedly killed his brother, a pharmacist—according to charging documents, because he believed his brother was “killing people with the COVID shot”.

On September 30, police in Howard County, Maryland, issued a call for help from the public in finding Mr Burnham, warning that he was considered to be “armed and dangerous”.

Mr Burnham, from Cumberland, was wanted in the shooting death of a man later confirmed to be pharmacist Brian Robinette, and his wife, Kelly Sue Robinette, as well as 83-year-old Rebecca Reynolds, who was found dead on September 29 in Cumberland.

According to court documents, Mr Burnham had spoken to his mother before the killings, saying he believed that the Government was poisoning people when he provided COVID-19 vaccinations.

“Brian knows something,” he reportedly told his mother, Evelyn. As a result of the conversation, she contacted the Cumberland Police Department, worried about her son’s “mental health and stability”.

Cumberland Police found the body of Ms Reynolds, a friend of his mother, at a home in Cumberland. There was evidence of a struggle and Ms Reynolds had suffered a severe throat injury.

They got in touch with Howard County Police, with a search warrant for the Robinettes’ home in Ellicott City.

When officers from the Howard County Police tactical unit went to the house, they found the pharmacist and his wife dead from gunshot wounds. A number of spent 40-calibre casings were also found in the house.

Evelyn Burnham spoke to police again, this time telling them that her son Jeffrey had wanted to confront his brother about providing COVID-19 vaccination services.

A member of the public contacted police, saying they had seen Mr Burnette and spoken to him when he approached them for petrol money.

Mr Burnham reportedly said his brother was “killing people with the COVID shot” and told the tipster they would see him on TV.

Mr Burnham was later arrested for the killings, as well as the murder of Ms Reynolds in Cumberland.

He had been spotted on the side of a West Virginia road, with the 2007 red Corvette he had stolen from his brother’s home.

He had flagged down a firefighter, who he told that he had been forced to kill the three.

In Howard County, Mr Burnham was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of second-degree murder and one handgun charge.

He is currently being held in Allegany County, where he faces charges over the killing of Ms Reynolds.

This article was prepared using content from CBS Baltimore, The Baltimore Sun, WBALTV, and Howard County Police.

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