Pharmacist Board notification increase

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Board notifications regarding pharmacists have increased by more than those regarding health practitioners overall, in 2013/4.

There has been a 16% increase in notifications made about health practitioners in 2014, with more than 10,000 notifications received, according to AHPRA’s 2013/4 Annual Report and the National Boards reporting on the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme.

The Pharmacy Board reported 514 notifications received in 2013/4, an increase of 20% over the 429 received in 2012/3. 322 of the notifications received in 2013/4 were lodged outside NSW.

The rate of notifications per registrant nationally is 1.7%.

The Northern Territory had the highest rate, at 4.7% per registrant, while the ACT had the lowest at 0.6%.

There were 464 notifications closed in 2013/14, 286 outside NSW. More than half were closed after assessment, 26 closed after a panel or tribunal hearing, and the remaining 103 cases were closed after an investigation (90) or a health or performance assessment (13).

In 142 of the closed cases, the Board determined no further action was required, or decided the notification should be handled by the health complaints entity that received it.

In six cases the practitioner’s registration was suspend, surrendered or cancelled. In the remaining cases a caution, reprimand, or conditions were imposed or an undertaking accepted from the practitioner.

Immediate action was initiated for 19 practitioners during 2013/14; 10 of them were from Queensland.

Across the AHPRA Annual Report, highlights included:

  • 61,000 criminal history checks led National Boards to limit or refuse registration in 79 cases.
  • 75% of immediate actions taken by National Boards for the most serious risks posed by registered health practitioners led to restrictions on registration.
  • Of the matters decided by Tribunals, 88% resulted in disciplinary action.
  • Of the 139 appeals finalised during the year, 81% resulted in no change to the original decision made under the National Law.
  • 547 advertising-related complaints were received, and of the 296 cases closed during the year, 98% were resolved when the individual or organisation complied with AHPRA’s demand to amend or remove the advertising. 97% of complaints about title or practice protection were resolved at AHPRA’s request.
  • More than 120,459 students are registered and

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