Pharmacist loses job over anti-gay Facebook post

A pharmacist has lost his job after posting on Facebook expressing support for the Orlando mass murderer.

Raynard Humphreys, formerly a pharmacist at the Buttonwood Bay Medical Center in the central American country Belize, wrote that “I know people will hate me for this, but I believe the killing of 50 last night in Florida is justified”.

“I’m sure I’m not speaking for myself when I say growing up in a moral home where we know a relationship to be solely between a man and a woman, has imprinted that way of life deep into our minds.

“Seeing two men kissing irritate the shit outa me too. The only thing that keeps me from acting out is the fact of punishment our society would give me if I acted upon it.”

Humphreys wrote that he was proud that a “moral psychopath” took a stand against what he sees as “the REAL evil that’s plaguing our society now in 2016.

“Gay rights? What happened to the rights of the straight people?”

A social media backlash followed, and Humphreys has now deactivated his Facebook profile.

The Buttonwood Bay Medical Center responded, posting on Facebook that, “Recently an employee of ours made some comments on social media which are considered offensive and insensitive.

“The Management of BBMC wishes to clarify that the views expressed are solely that of the employee and not in any way associated with our institution.

“Please be assured that this matter is being given our highest consideration and will be handled under proper due diligence and by the Laws of Belize.”

According to Belize City newspaper Amandala, Humphreys has since apologised, but his job was terminated.

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