Pharmacists could give more jabs: QPIP report

vaccine sitting on a grey surface: QPIP

Pharmacists could administer more vaccines than those currently delivered in the community setting, the final report on Stage One of the QPIP initiative suggests.

The QPIP pilot demonstrated that a pharmacist-specific training program produced “competent and confident vaccinators,” and that the profession can be retrofitted with the skills to vaccinate their customers via the program.

“Given the level of pharmacology and medicines knowledge of pharmacists, combined with their new competency of providing vaccinations through administering injections, it is reasonable to explore additional vaccines that pharmacists could administer in the community setting,” says the report.

“At the time of writing, QPIP has already expanded into Phase 2, to explore pharmacists vaccinating for whooping cough and measles.

“Looking at the international experience of pharmacist delivered vaccination, we would recommend considering expansion to other vaccinations in the future including travel vaccinations, HPV and selected vaccinations to those under the age of 18 years.”

Patient satisfaction was extremely high, with nearly all patients happy to recommend the service and return next year.

Overall, the QPIP results demonstrated that an appropriately trained pharmacist can delivery influenza vaccinations in a safe and effective manner to adult patients in the community, the report says.

“The QPIP showed the value that the accessibility of pharmacists brings to public health outcomes through improved access to vaccinations and the ability to increase immunisation rates in the general population,” it says.

“Over time, with the expansion of pharmacist vaccination services, this will help to achieve more effective herd immunity for some of the many diseases which currently have suboptimal immunisation rates.”

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