A political earthquake

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Rumours are gaining pace that the Pharmacy Guild of Australia is poised to register itself as a political party to contest next year’s Federal Election.

Given its vast network of pharmacies and pharmacists it will be able to contest every electorate around the country, and win substantial popular support.

“There’s even talk of us becoming the new third force in Australian politics,” said one source.

The now famous Guild petition in 2014 which gained over one million signatures, making it the largest single petition in Australian political history, highlighting the power and reach of the Guild.

AJP contacted NSW Guild president David Heffernan who said that, while he couldn’t confirm or deny the rumours, such a move by the Guild would represent a major shake-up of the federal political landscape.”

“I am not about to endorse the title ‘NSW Premier Heffernan, however, ‘Prime Minister Twomey’ has a nice ring to it,” he said.

While most rumours have, to date, revolved around the new, unnamed, Guild-run party contesting in the lower house, one insider said there is potential for winning a few Senate places nationally.

“We have the ability to field a candidate in every seat of Australia and man every polling station with 5-10 people handing out election material – remember 20% of voters have not made up their mind when they approach the polling booth,” Mr Heffernan said.

“Think of the changes we can make happen to impact the supermarket duopoly and decision such as codeine up-scheduling,” the insider said.

“You must remember, the Guild has been around since 1927, we far outweigh in age and history neophytes such as these, and indeed the Liberal Party itself.” 

AJP contacted the Australian Electoral Commission to see if any paperwork has been lodged with them, but they said a response wouldn’t be forthcoming till after 1 April and the Easter break.

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