COVID vaccination and pharmacy

What’s the latest news on pharmacy’s role in COVID-19 vaccination and testing?

Welcome to the first of our new AJP curated content newsletters. We will be sending you two of these each month – one on a current hot topic in pharmacy, the other on a topic of general clinical or professional interest.

For the first of our curated newsletters, there was no easier choice to make than to present the latest news and views around the topic of COVID-19 vaccinations in pharmacy.

This newsletter will give an up-to-date look at the issue, plus provide some context on what’s happened over recent months to lead us to where we are today.

This is a contentious area, with government seeing a central role for pharmacy, the community no doubt looking for pharmacy to play a role (especially given the vital role pharmacy has played in so many emergency scenarios over the last 14-15 months), and many in pharmacy seeking the responsibility.

However GPs especially, but also some in pharmacy, are unsure and arguing against this role. 

The state of play in this topic is changing rapidly. I wrote a news review piece for our February print magazine presenting the latest news on the topic – at least the latest news as of 20 January – and already this is a little out of date as the magazine arrives in your mailbox.

Such is sometimes the fate of printed articles in our fast moving world!

Hopefully my March print article won’t be so impacted by the 24/7 news cycle…. well here’s hoping anyway.

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