Is your pharmacy safe from a cyber-attack?

With the introduction of My Health Record and advanced health web and mobile applications, ensuring pharmacies are safe from a cyber-attack is now more important than ever

According to an Australian Cyber Security Centre 2016 study, 90% of Australian businesses have been victims to a cyber security breach or threat, with a rise of breaches in recent times.

CEO of cyber security consultancy firm Hivint, Nick Ellsmore said that hackers in reality are far from the stereotypical profile. 

“One of the great myths of cyber security is that hackers are tucked away in their basements, wearing hoodies, hunched over laptops.  It’s more likely that they’re neatly dressed, in a home office, just going about their business.  And their business, is stealing from your business,” Mr Ellsmore said.

Mr Ellsmore also claims cyber security presents an opportunity as much as it does a threat, and is more important than people realise.

“It enables the right information, to be in the hands of the right people, at the right time. If not for having reasonably secure systems, none of what we do on the Internet would be possible.

“Without cyber security, there’s no Internet. Without the Internet, the economy stops. That’s how important this is.”

Mr Ellsmore is presenting a session on this topic at this year’s Pharmacy Connect. Titled ‘Hackers Don’t Wear Hoodies: What you need to know about cyber security in 2018’, the session will help pharmacy owners protect their pharmacy from malicious and unintentional data breaches of highly sensitive patient and financial information.

Pharmacy Connect attendees will also hear from other pharmacy data security and insurance leaders to learn how to avoid potential negative business outcomes and ensure their pharmacies are abiding by mandatory data breach notification laws.

The ‘Hackers Don’t Wear Hoodies: What you need to know about cyber security in 2018’ session will be held on Friday 7 September from 11:15am to 12:00pm. For a full program and to register for Pharmacy Connect, visit

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