Webinar: How to deal with bullying in the pharmacy workplace

What are your rights if you believe you are being bullied at work? And what are your responsibilities if you are an employer, to ensure bullying is not tolerated in your workplace?  

17 August 2021 | 8-9PM AEST

Workplace bullying is a thorny topic for employers and employees alike. Like many issues around human interaction, it can be difficult to understand exactly what constitutes bullying, what recourse we have if we are being bullied in the workplace, and what duties we have towards our staff if we are an employer.

Our live webinar panelists – including a lawyer and a psychologist – aim to look at workplace bullying from these angles in order to equip everyone in the pharmacy to speak up if they have witnessed or experienced bullying.

This webinar will be an interactive discussion, focusing on practical ways to deal with these issues around a true-to-life example. It is designed to equip attendees to manage bullying, and to escalate a situation to a higher authority where necessary.

Kay Dunkley, PSS executive officer, will be joined by Sarah Stoddart, commercial lawyer specialising in the health care sector, and Elizabeth White, psychologist and former community and hospital pharmacist, to bring their expertise to bear on the following:

  • What is the legal definition of bullying?
  • What legal recourse is available to those experiencing bullying at work?
  • What penalties are in place for perpetrators of workplace bullying?
  • What are the potential psychological impacts on a person experiencing bullying?
  • What can a person do to protect their wellbeing and mental health if they’ve experienced bullying?

Our panelists will also respond to questions from attendees.

This webinar is brought to you by the Pharmacists’ Support Service (PSS) in partnership with Vitality Law Australia and the AJP.  This event is aimed at all members of the pharmacy profession.

Q&A: If you would like to submit a question to be answered by the panelists in conversation, please include this when registering or alternatively, email your question to jan.decomps@appco.com.au.

Date:    Tuesday 17 August 2021

Time:   8-9PM AEST | 7.30-8.30PM ACST | 6-7PM AWST


More about the speakers:

Sarah Stoddart is the director of Vitality Law Australia and a commercial lawyer specialising in the healthcare industry. She works closely with pharmacists and pharmacy owners on matters such as business purchase and sale transactions, applications to the Australian Community Pharmacy Authority, leasing and employment law issues. She regularly conducts webinars and contributes to articles in the Australian Journal of Pharmacy.  Sarah is also a director and chair of the Governance Subcommittee for the Queensland Alliance for Mental Health.



Elizabeth White BPharm, PhD, Grad Dip Psych, MPsych (Clinical) is a Psychologist/Clinical Psychology Registrar, currently supporting the Pharmacists’ Support Service and working in public mental health. Elizabeth enjoys contributing to the wellbeing of the pharmacy profession, which stems back to her work as a former pharmacist in community and hospital pharmacy, and work in research and teaching at Monash University.



Kay Dunkley is s the Executive Officer of the Pharmacists’ Support Service (PSS).  After forging a career based in hospital pharmacy, Kay has over the years also been involved in roles providing services which support pharmacists and other health professionals.  These roles have included working for the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (Victorian Branch), the Victorian Drug Usage Advisory Committee (VDUAC), the Victorian Medicines Advisory Committee (VMAC) and the Victorian Therapeutics Advisory Group (VicTAG). 

Kay established and coordinates AMA Victoria’s Peer Support Service for doctors and medical students which is based on the PSS model.  At AMA Victoria Kay also coordinates the Peer Visitor Program matching elderly isolated doctors with volunteer visitors who are medical students or doctors.  In addition she shares the role of coordinating the doctor in training mentoring program at AMA Victoria.



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