Pharmacy workforce must adapt, transform

kristin michaels

SHPA’s workforce strategy has recognised that the pharmacy workforce must adapt and transform, says its CEO, Kristin Michaels.

Michaels gave the opening speech to over 900 delegates at the Medicines Management Conference in Perth and said that “archaic practices” which limit hospital pharmacists’ role must fall by the wayside.

Workforce transformation is “necessary if pharmacy is to continue to deliver healthcare that meets the future needs of patients,” she said.

“Our actions to ensure a capable and competent workforce are aligned with the International Pharmaceutical Federation’s vision and workforce goals.

“Across all the goals, SHPA can be seen to be having impact. The Federation strategy recognises the pharmaceutical workforce as inclusive of the whole pharmacy related workforce which is the approach we are taking.”

Michaels also called for a rethink about the future of healthcare and the Australian health system.

“We cannot allow continuation of archaic practices that limit the role of the hospital pharmacist in patient care,” she said.

Michaels said SHPA is not the largest pharmacy organisation but it is the only pharmacy organisation that is focused on, and can deliver, better, cost-effective health care.

“Our members are entitled to be heard and to play their part in giving Australia better medicines management and a more effective health system.

“To ensure we can meet member needs in terms of professional development and political representation, we have moved away from a flat management structure to focus on key initiatives and make the most of our best resource – our members,” said Michaels.

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  1. Cameron Walls

    Did they elaborate with examples of “archaic practices”?

    • The Cynic

      Archaic practices. Would that be dispensing? It seems everyone had given up on supporting safe, accurate, timely supply.

  2. Howdy

    How does SHPA deliver healthcare exactly? I thought they were a member organisation, not a healthcare organisation.
    Yes I’d also like to see a bit more substance to these opinions – what’s archaic now? And have there been any suggestions as to what to do instead? Sounds like political fluff to me.

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