Poll: do you go to work when sick?

How sick do you have to be to take time off work?

A recent US study suggests that pharmacists are the most likely of the health professionals to front up to work suffering from flu-like symptoms.

More than 40% of American health care workers surveyed went to work with symptoms like fever, cough and sore throat.

And while Australians have a reputation for “chucking a sickie” without much in the way of compunction, data shows that we actually have a significant problem with “presenteeism,” or showing up to work when we’re not well.

The recent National Stress and Wellbeing Survey of Pharmacists, Intern Pharmacists and Pharmacy Students hinted that pharmacists may be likely to be expected to work when sick, regardless of whether their illness may be contagious.

We’d like to know how you approach work when you’re sick, whether it’s flu-like illness or not: do you “soldier on” or stay home and rest?

Choose which of the below responses is most relevant to you, and tell us about it in the comments.

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