Poll: how many pharmacies should you own?

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There’s been much talk of late of who should own pharmacies… but what about the number of pharmacies an individual owns?

Thanks to the Queensland Inquiry into the pharmacy sector, there’s been a renewed focus on who should own pharmacies, with Ramsay Health and Chemist Warehouse both telling the inquiry that ownership should be opened up beyond pharmacists.

Our poll on the subject showed that 87% of the vote – representing a whopping 667 respondents – went to the response “pharmacists,” showing strong support for the status quo.

Reader Pagophilus suggested that we also look at how many pharmacies an individual pharmacist should own, and we agreed: the poll is below.

It’s a complex issue, and we’ve tried to simplify the responses below. As a result, the numbers in our options below are across jurisdictions… so if you don’t believe that pharmacists should be able to own in more than one jurisdiction, tick that option below in addition to your thoughts on the numbers.

Additionally, if you feel that ownership should be opened up to non-pharmacists (aside from existing considerations such as Friendly Societies), tick the option to deregulate entirely.

How many pharmacies should a pharmacist be able to own?

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