Poll: how should CPAs be negotiated?


The King Review Discussion Paper opened a Pandora’s Box of questions about how pharmacy could and should be structured – including looking at the way the Community Pharmacy Agreements are negotiated.

“The Government has entered into successive Community Pharmacy Agreements with the Pharmacy Guild alone,” the Discussion Paper notes.

“It has been put to the Review that the Guild is not representative of the whole of community pharmacy and only represents a subset of community pharmacy owners.

“It is of note that for the first time, the 6CPA included significant consultation with other stakeholder organisations regarding what they would like to see in the new agreement. However, the current Agreement is signed with only the Guild.

“Arguably, this is because the Guild represents those community pharmacy owners with “skin in the game” and who carry the business risks.”

One of the Paper’s 140 provocative questions asks whether it is indeed appropriate that the Guild continues to negotiate formal remuneration agreements with the Guild on behalf of, or to the exclusion of, other parties involved.

What do you think?

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