Poll: Have you ever refused a prescription?

pharmacist double checking prescription

Have you ever been presented with a concerning script and, if so, did you contact the doctor and refuse to supply the medicine?

A few weeks ago an inquest was held into the death of 77-year-old Ian Gilbert, who was prescribed methotrexate in 2015 to treat a flareup of psoriasis on his back and legs.

Fairfax reporter Aisha Dow wrote that when the pharmacist was presented with the script, she became worried that the dose could be lethal, and telephoned the doctor with “extreme concerns”.

The dose was twice daily 2.5mg of methotrexate.

However the prescriber told the pharmacist that he did not wish the dose to be changed and the pharmacist proceeded to dispense the medication.

Expert witness Pamela Mathers, a community pharmacist, told the court that she believed a culture existed among prescribers of not always responding to the concerns of pharmacists.

“Some doctors are really awful to deal with,” she said.

“At the end of the day it’s doctors that call the shots.”

However she also said that many doctors were “great to deal with” and always engaged in discussion when contacted.

What has your experience been? Have you ever had to push back on a script, and what was the outcome?

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