Poll: Do you support a mandatory national real-time monitoring system?

Health Minister Greg Hunt is expected to announce additional funding to get a mandatory national real-time recording system up and running by the end of the year

According to media reports, the Health Minister is hoping to get additional money “within the next six months” to assist a nationwide rollout of the Electronic Recording and Reporting of Controlled Drugs (ERRCD) as soon as possible.

“I look forward to ensuring the electronic prescription system … is acted on in my first six months,” says Minister Hunt.

The recording system would be for controlled drugs to be used by both pharmacists and prescribers.

How the ERRCD system would work. Source: Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

Pharmacy and public health organisations have come out in support the full implementation of a national real-time monitoring system.

“In Australia, drug overdose fatalities regularly exceed motor vehicle fatalities, with legal prescription medicines – rather than illicit substances – comprising the overwhelming majority of these fatalities,” says Pharmacy Guild Executive Director David Quilty.

“Coroners around the country have called for the introduction of a real-time recording system for controlled drugs, and the Pharmacy Guild strongly supports such a system.

“While the States and Territories have made varying degrees of headway in introducing real-time electronic monitoring systems, decisive action is required to achieve a national system,” says Mr Quilty.

A mandatory national real-time prescription monitoring (RTPM) system is “the only way to curb ‘doctor shopping’ and help curtail unnecessary deaths from prescription medication related overdose”, argues ScriptWise.

We want to know what you think about the issue.

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  1. Jarrod McMaugh

    I’d be very interested in knowing why the three “No” responses so far have that opinion.

  2. David Haworth

    The just got out of bed on the wrong side

    • Jarrod McMaugh

      Maybe, but maybe they have a concern that I haven’t considered yet.

      Always interested in other points of view… So long as it’s logical.

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