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Nine key revelations on what community pharmacists think from the 2017 UTS Pharmacy Barometer

  1. Half of all pharmacists believe that the growth of online retailers has had a negative impact on pharmacy

  2. Only 14% say their pharmacies are using online strategies to increase their market reach (the authors stated that it “appears those who view online retailers as having a negative effect are not moving fast enough to compete in the online arena“)

  3. The majority of pharmacists (62%) say they continue to rely on revenue generated from the dispensary

  4. Only 37% say they are comfortable to provide information to patients on the use of biosimilars, but only 29% say they are currently confident in substituting biosimilars

  5. A third of pharmacists (30%) say they are not involved at all with their local primary health care network, while only 17% say they are involved to some extent. The remainder were neutral in their involvement (according to the authors it was a “concern that 83% of responders appear not to be involved at all with development and decision-making in an organisational structure that is envisaged to significantly affect their practices and business“) 

  6.  65% of pharmacists have started to implement new professional services in the previous 12 months, up 6% from the previous year

  7. 25% of respondents said they expected their pharmacy to increase in value in the next three years, while 31% said theirs would decrease in value (this compared to 20% and 37% respectively in 2016)

  8. About half of the profession (54%) are comfortable to use MedASSIST to monitor codeine usage in patients

  9. The majority of pharmacists are neutral – neither satisfied or dissatisfied – in their view of the impact of the 6CPA on both economic and professional levels. Owners were more positive about both (see here for more information) 

The findings in the 2017 UTS Pharmacy Barometer were taken from a survey of 360 community pharmacists from around Australia

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