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PSA President Dr Shane Jackson, Angelica Lagoda, Deanna Mill, and MIMS CEO Robert Best
PSA President Dr Shane Jackson, Angelica Lagoda, Deanna Mill, and MIMS CEO Robert Best

Deanna Mill and Angelica Lagoda have been jointly recognised as Intern Pharmacist of the Year at PSA18 conference

Deanna Mill, from SA Pharmacy, and Angelica Lagoda, from LiveLife Pharmacy Yeppoon in QLD, have been jointly awarded this year’s MIMS Intern Pharmacist of the Year Award at PSA18.

“It’s humbling, it’s so exciting to be recognised so early on in our careers,” Ms Lagoda told AJP at the event.

“And it’s exciting to be with someone else, it’s more fun and it’s a real credit to the high quality of graduates who are coming out.

“I didn’t expect registering to be such a huge learning curve. I’ve loved that step up. It’s been challenging obviously but it’s been really, really rewarding and it’s great to challenge myself and see what I can keep doing and achieving,” said Ms Lagoda.

Ms Mill, who works across hospitals in Adelaide, said it’s been a “crazy year” and she’s stunned by the award.

“It’s absolutely crazy. It’s amazing to be able to get up there and have other people be proud of our achievements as well,” she told AJP.

She learnt a lot during her internship year that she hopes to keep building on.

“I got a lot of opportunities to provide education for grad nurses, and I also got to do a lot of audits around medication use, particularly Parkinson’s disease. So I guess the extra skills I learnt in research and education is something I took away from that and something I want to keep building on in my future, as well as the clinical skills and things I learnt too.”

Where are their hopes for the future following on from their intern year?

Ms Mill plans to stay where she is.

“At the moment I’m staying where I did my internship, so I’m still working in hospital pharmacy but I see a future in perhaps transition of care, so like GP pharmacist roles, or even working in universities, clinical but hopefully with those multifactorial roles where you’re not just dispensing, you’re not just on the ward, it’s a combination of many of those things.”

Ms Lagoda sees a whole world of opportunity in pharmacy, and has set her hopes on future community pharmacy ownership.

“It’s exciting because there’s so many opportunities and I still don’t really know where I want to go, but I would love to get into ownership,” she says.

“I definitely want to keep working on the mental health initiatives that I’ve already started, and then areas like diabetes are also interesting, so really a bit of everything.”

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