Self-care: 14 professional responsibilities

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Governments and health insurers should include self-care as an important element of the care continuum, says FIP

In its new joint statement of policy with the Global Self-Care Federation, the International Pharmaceutical Federation also says self-care’s coverage needs to be included in part of the health benefit offerings of governments and insurers.

The statement, on responsible and effective self-care describes the united intention of the pharmacy profession and the pharmaceutical industry to deliver solutions to facilitate people with self-care and to further develop self-care as a “core pillar of sustainable healthcare systems”.

It describes responsibilities for pharmacists and for manufacturers of self-care products.

Among the 14 professional responsibilities for pharmacists are to encourage people to use health system resources responsibly and to engage in self-care where appropriate, and to document patients’ self-care conditions and products used in an appropriate patient record. 

Among 10 responsibilities described for manufacturers are to provide healthcare professionals with available information and scientific evidence that will allow the provision of evidence-based guidance, and to encourage collaboration with healthcare professionals on information on product labels and package inserts. 

“Pharmacists are key in ensuring the rational selection, the administration and the responsible use of self-care products, “ says Dr Catherine Duggan, CEO of FIP.

“Effective care is augmented by a pharmacist’s counselling, support and follow up of an individual to ensure safety and efficacy.

“We are pleased to work with the GSCF in the common goal of serving the public with quality products and care,” she said.

Judy Stenmark, director general of GSCF, said that, “Governments and health insurers are increasingly recognising the value of self-care for its accessibility, enabling individuals to take greater responsibility for their health, and contributing to disease prevention and positive health outcomes”.

“GSCF is pleased to collaborate with FIP putting a spotlight on the value of self-care in the health care continuum.”

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