Smoke from bushfires asthma advice

smoke from bushfires, perth 2014

Smoke from bushfires that is blanketing Perth city today can irritate airways and trigger asthma, and the Asthma Foundation Western Australia (AFWA) is offering advice for people with asthma to stay safe during this smoke haze period.

“Bushfire smoke contains harmful gasses that irritate sensitive airways in asthmatics and can cause an asthma flare-up.

“We are urging people with asthma to follow these simple steps to minimise the effects of this smoke haze, in particular the elderly and young asthma sufferers,” says AFWA CEO David Johnson.

  • Ensure your asthma reliever medication is easily accessible, well stocked and up to date, and you have back up medication.
  • Continue using your preventer medication as prescribed.
  • Let your friends, family and work colleagues know that you are an asthmatic, and where your reliever medication is kept.
  • Where possible stay indoors, close all windows and doors, block or seal all air vents and use a filtered air conditioner to circulate air.
  • If you cannot control or prevent smoke or particles entering your home, consider staying at a friends or visiting an air-conditioned shopping centre or premise where you will be exposed to less smoke.
  • If you are driving place your car air conditioner on ‘recycle’ to minimise smoke entering your car.
  • Stay calm.
  • If you experience breathing difficulties, consult your medical practitioner immediately, and remember in an emergency call 000.
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