On-the-spot DNA test brings personalised health to APP

Nearly 300 delegates to APP had their genes tested

Healthcare professionals seeking new ways to bring personalised health to their customers saw, first hand, just what their DNA has to say about their milk digestion or the effectiveness of anti-inflammatories – with almost 300 APP conference attendees having their genes tested at the myDNA pop-up lab.

“Providing a sneak-peak of its new wellness and nutrition genetic tests, soon to be available on pharmacy shelves, the myDNA pop-up lab and roving ‘swab squad’ quickly collected hundreds of DNA samples over the course of the three-days, returning customised results in less than 48 hours,” says myDNA CEO, Dr Lior Rauchberger.

“About 40% of people tested at the conference learnt their stomachs may not cope well with more than one glass of milk a day, while one in six found they risk negative side-effects if taking certain anti-inflammatory medicines.

“For many this might explain the hidden reason they have not felt well after consuming too much milk or why certain medications may not work like they should to relieve a headache. Empowered by this knowledge, they can take action to live and feel better,” Dr Rauchberger says.

Part of the growing discipline of personalised medicine, myDNA tests decrypt an individual’s genetic blueprint.

“Our easy-to-understand reports reveal exactly what a person’s genetic code is telling their bodies to do – in response to different medicines; different foods; or to lifestyle factors, like alcohol or exercise.

“Each test result is coupled with real-world advice; that people can act on to improve their health. We encourage people to work with their GP or pharmacist to so they can find the best course for them to live better.”

With so many people able to experience the ease of the process themselves, many conference attendees left impressed with how far DNA technology has come and how affordable these tests can be, making it accessible to just about anyone.

“There was genuine excitement at seeing this DNA technology in action. People were impressed that this type of testing is now possible and that pharmacists can play a part in it. Many pharmacists remembered the bulky PCR machines from their undergraduate years, and were amazed at how far the technology has come,” Dr Rauchberger says.

myDNA’s new wellness & nutrition genetic test kits, coming soon, will be added to its existing suite of pharmacogenomic tests from April 2017.


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