Strategic bedfellows

PSA President Dr Shane Jackson, Pharmacy Guild President George Tambassis, and Guild Executive Director David Quilty
PSA President Dr Shane Jackson, Pharmacy Guild President George Tambassis, and Guild Executive Director David Quilty

Closer relationship between PSA and Guild flagged as leaders call for unity to collaborate on ‘projects of interest’

PSA National President Dr Shane Jackson has written a guest column for this fortnight’s issue of the Pharmacy Guild’s Forefront publication.

Dr Jackson says the Pharmacy Guild and PSA have been working “closely together” on a number of CPA programs of interest including the Pain MedsChecks, Healthcare Homes initiative, and digital health including the My Health Record system.

He points out that while the Guild is undertaking its CP2025 planning, the PSA has embarked on its own 10-year vision for the pharmacy profession.

“I am sure there will be similarities in these pieces of work and the two pharmacy organisations will need to align effort to ensure that these views of pharmacy in the future can come to fruition,” writes Dr Jackson.

“At a time of great strain in the healthcare system with rising costs of care, increasing level of chronic disease, an ageing population and numerous reports indicating underutilisation of the role of pharmacists in the healthcare system, it is important that pharmacy organisations endeavour to work together in areas of mutual interest and focus.”

Dr Jackson points out three areas of practice that the PSA’s work is centred on:

  1. Pharmacists practising to full scope of practice – “PSA believes that pharmacists as the medicines experts should have the opportunity to practise to their full scope of practice.”
  2. Pharmacist development – “We must also ensure that the pharmacists are supported to be the best healthcare practitioners they can be.”
  3. Standards of practice – “This is what I call ‘raising the bar’. With responsibility for medicines management, so comes accountability. Our patients expect the services that we provide to them should be delivered to a high quality.”

“The PSA recognises the opportunity that is available to pharmacists within community pharmacy, a recognition that I am sure is held within the Pharmacy Guild,” says Dr Jackson.

“We must embrace this opportunity with both hands. The PSA is focused on developing the capacity and capability of community pharmacists to deliver on the opportunities available.

“I also believe the planning processes that are being undertaken by both the Guild and PSA will afford a future that the pharmacy profession has long been yearning for.”

Read the full column here.

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  1. GlassCeiling

    Plan for vending machines and 2 year VET trained pharmacists. PSA and Guild have destroyed us – I trust them only to completely wipe us out after the PSA pharmacy owner leadership and Guild leaders have cashed in.

    • Jarrod McMaugh

      I don’t think you could have made a more baseless comment based on this article

      • GlassCeiling

        Guild and PSA are planning for the future – 10 year planning.
        Jarrod, have a look at the state of the pharmacy ‘profession ‘ we have now in order to recognise the reality of our situation – yours and mine.
        Long term failure of leadership as a direct result of self interest and greed will deliver a miserable future.
        Our absentee multi owner PSA and PGA leaders will deliver a future that I presage.
        Full scope, support and ‘raising the bar’ are beaurocratic nonsense in a predominately retail pharmacy environment . Hospital pharmacists are our only hope when it comes to advancement .

        • Andrew

          Seems that the future has no room for the only evidence based pharmacy service as there’s no mention of HMRs at all.

          It’s all very suspicious.

          • Big Pharma

            The article is talking about programs that interest both parties. PGA has no interest in HMRs. PSA’s position fluctuates enough to maximise membership. Yet both parties benefit from the existence of the program as they own AACP….bizarre really.

            No inclusion of SHPA in these discussions. SHPA is the only pharmacy body that actually associates itself with evidence.

        • Jarrod McMaugh

          Would you care to name the “absentee multi oner PSA and PGA leaders” you are referring to?

          Have a look at the representatives at both state and national level and point out to me which ones are as you describe.

          • GlassCeiling

            Rather than me naming individuals on this public forum would you as a respected person in the know please identify each leader and declare their total ownership and number of days they work in each pharmacy to disprove my statement?
            By mentioning absentee I include a person that owns 5 pharmacies and works part time in one . If a pharmacist does not attend all pharmacies weekly the great majority of the year they are by my definition absentee in the pharmacies they do not attend- these pharmacies are pure investment vehicles to these pharmacists .

          • Jarrod McMaugh

            To the best of my knowledge that describes zero PSA volunteers.

            Note that I say volunteer; the people who are elected to positions of the branch committees in PSA do so without remuneration. These same people are eligible to represent their state at the national PSA board.

            Most are pharmacists who work in pharmacy just like everyone else.

            Those people who are employed by PSA work equally hard to represent our profession.

            Of the people I know personally who are elected Guild representatives, none own 5 pharmacies, and all of them work in the pharmacies full time.

          • GlassCeiling

            Thankyou for introducing fallacy into the discussion – an overt sign of loss of credibility on this particular issue .
            I take my hat off to all volunteers and hard workers that seek improvement in ours and every profession- I do not envy the task pharmacy volunteers have in overcoming the inequities they have inherited and continue to support .

          • Jarrod McMaugh

            I’m pretty sure you introduced fallacy into the issue right from the start when you made broad generalisations and represented this as fact.

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