Symbion employee dismissed over Valium tampering

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A Symbion employee has been dismissed following the Valium tampering allegations

Valium 5mg supplied in blister packs of 50 tablets was recalled by Roche and the TGA after it was discovered that other medicines had been substituted into some of the packs of Valium.

These included BTC paracetamol codeine tablets, BTC rosuvastatin 10mg tablets and Apotex-Pantoprazole 40mg and 20mg tablets.

The matter was referred to NSW Police, who launched an investigation.

According to Fairfax Media, police confirmed that they were looking into thefts at business premises in Rydalmere, NSW, from which Valium had been allegedly diverted “over a period of time”.

Today (Wednesday) Symbion said in a statement that, “Following an internal investigation into allegations of tampering leading to the voluntary recall of some medicines being undertaken by Roche, Symbion Contract Logistics has today dismissed an employee from its Sydney-based distribution facility.”

Symbion has also referred the matter to the police.

“While we are confident this was an isolated incident affecting only a small number of blister packs, patient safety is our absolute priority and we are working together with our partners to ensure the ongoing integrity of the supply chain,” the company said.

“We have comprehensive recall processes in place and there are no product safety, quality or efficacy concerns with the individual Valium tablets themselves.”

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  1. Peter Allen

    “We have comprehensive recall processes in place
    OH NO YOU DON’T! We pharmacists heard it from our patients who heard it on the radio. EMAIL STREAM!!
    and there are no
    product safety, quality or efficacy concerns with the individual Valium
    tablets themselves.

    My head is spinning. So is the Symbion PR departmant

  2. William

    I first saw it on the internet but it was a rather ambiguous report. Even the TGA recall section needs updating as their list only goes up to June 2012!
    It should have a link to the current all embracing recall in Australia at This would save time for people visiting the TGA site.

    I just hope that the clowns who did the sabotage/strealing are locked up and some judge does not fall for the sop that their Mummy or Daddy did not love them.

    From the nature of the products involved it may be that this was a trick to try to get hold of potential drugs of abuse (benzodiazapines and codeine) using platforms of other products to substitute for them.

    Recall procedures are only as good as they work in practice.
    I am sure that they probably had a detailed written procedure somewhere but they need to carry out trials of how it works. There is nothing like regular practice of such procedures to make sure everyone knows what to do. That would help minimise confusion and time wasted.

  3. chris

    The ingenuity and simplicity has to be admired. What are they worth on the streets these days?

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