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A wide range of articles made our 10 most-read features for 2019, including some from the recent past

Careers advice, pharmacist prescribing, changing methods of practice, clinical articles and Chemist Warehouse were all topics that made our 10 top most-read features on the AJP website in 2019.

What is surprising is that a couple of the features have retained their relevance for a good few years now.

In fact, the most clicked feature in 2019: ‘15 ideas for your pharmacy career‘ (with over 6100 page views and 5800 unique clicks in 2019) actually originally ran in 2017.

And eighth-placed feature ‘Why I love working for Chemist Warehouse‘ originally featured in AJP print and digital formats way back in December 2016, yet it still gained around 1100 page views and unique page views in 2019!

So, who thinks all articles are immediately forgotten in today’s 24-hour news cycle? 

These were the ten most-read features on our website in 2019:

  1. 15 ideas for your pharmacy career 
  2. Explainer: what is nitrous oxide (or nangs) and how dangerous is it?
  3. Codeine: what a difference a year makes… or does it?
  4. New morning after pill makes it difficult to choose which to take
  5. How Priceline Pharmacy plans to dominate the beauty space
  6. Robots give rise to the future of pharmacy dispensing
  7. Pharmacist prescribing by 2020? What you need to know
  8. Why I love working for Chemist Warehouse
  9. Here’s what happened when codeine was made prescription only
  10. Sorting out the schedule

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