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Which party, if any, do pharmacists think offers the best option for the profession? Here’s the results of our poll 

All the polls and pundits are tipping a close federal election this coming weekend, and if the results from our reader poll are replicated at a national level, we’re set for a hung parliament.

No party recorded a majority of votes from the 579 respondents to our poll, revealing that pharmacists are just as divided as the rest of the nation appears to be.

As well as a very divided pharmacy electorate, more than one in ten respondents didn’t like any of the options provided – are they potential Clive Palmer voters? (We didn’t include his party in the poll, erroneously).

Here’s the results:

Which party do you think offers the best option for pharmacy?
Liberal Party 34% 222
National Party 3% 19
Australian Labor Party 32% 207
Australian Greens 7% 47
One Nation Party 2% 16
Nick Xenophon Team 3% 19
Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party 4% 23
Australian Conservatives 2% 12
Other 1% 4
None of the above 12% 75


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  1. Apotheke

    The results of the poll amongst Pharmacists just goes to show that no one trusts politicians from either major party as both have been guilty of implementing anti-Pharmacy policies. They will continue to do so in the name of budget saving measures in order to list new whizz bang life saving drugs on the PBS.. Wakeup everyone, do your best to diversify your income streams away from a heavy dependence on the government and the PBS. If you continue to rely on scripts to support your business then I humbly suggest that you will go backwards financially and many of you will go under.

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