Three years for knife robbery

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A man has been given a three-year jail term for robbing a NSW pharmacy in a bid to “get drugs”

In March this year, Lawrence Trindall went to the Blooms the Chemist at a shopping centre in the Central Western town of Bathurst, brandishing a stolen steak knife.

He held the knife to the ribs of the 25-year-old pharmacist and demanded drugs of addiction from the pharmacy’s safe.

The robbery occurred at 10am.

At the time a Blooms spokesperson told the AJP that nobody had been physically harmed during the robbery.

Now, Mr Trindall has been sentenced in the Bathurst District Court, and is set to serve at least 21 months of the three-year sentence in jail before he is eligible for parole.

The Court heard that Mr Trindall had just been released from the Parklea Correctional Centre and sent to live with his grandmother, reports the Western Advocate – but when he arrived at her home, it was locked and empty.

She had been taken into care while he was in custody.

The now-homeless Mr Trindall began taking harder drugs and that part of the reason he robbed the pharmacy was a bid to go back to jail.

“I went into a bad depression, I wanted to kill myself. I just couldn’t cope when I got out, no one was helping me,” he said.

“I was trying to get drugs. I didn’t want to deal with anything. I just wanted to go back to jail.”

The robbery sparked a manhunt which ended when Mr Trindall was apprehended by police in the nearby suburb of Kelso.

Mr Trindall said he was sorry for the crime and that he wanted the system to help him.

The prosecution said that Mr Trindall’s conduct was in the mid-range of offending, while his counsel said the robbery was unsophisticated and lacked planning, and was at the high end of the low range of offending.

Mr Trindall will be eligible to be released in March 2020.

The court recommended he be considered for drug and alcohol treatment.

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