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Scott Morrison claims victory for the Coalition. Image: Scott Morrison via Twitter
Scott Morrison claims victory for the Coalition. Image: Scott Morrison via Twitter

The PSA says it looks forward to working with the re-elected Morrison Government, including on negotiations for the 7CPA

Commenting on the weekend’s election, in which the Coalition has claimed victory, the PSA said that it congratulates the Morrison Government and “looks forward to working together to address medicine safety, negotiating the next Community Pharmacy Agreement and delivering better healthcare for all Australians”.

“In response to pre-election commitment requests from PSA, the Morrison Government made a number of important commitments to PSA and the pharmacy profession,” says PSA.

“Minister Hunt, on behalf of the Coalition stated, ‘A re-elected Morrison Government will continue to support the pharmacy profession in meeting community health needs by ensuring that pharmacists are utilised to their full scope of practice’.

“Importantly, the Morrison Government endorsed PSA’s Pharmacists in 2023 report.”

The Government had stated that “The Morrison Government agrees with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s vision for the pharmacy profession outlined in the Pharmacists in 2023 report. This is in recognition that it will improve outcomes for patients, the profession and for Australia’s health system”.

“Given the announcement by Minister Hunt that that PSA will be a signatory to the 7th Community Pharmacy Agreement (7CPA), we look forward to working with the Government and other stakeholders on ensuring that the 7CPA delivers on our Pharmacists in 2023 vision,” says the PSA.

PSA National President Dr Chris Freeman said, “PSA looks forward to working closely with the Morrison Government and Minister Hunt, with whom we have an excellent working relationship, to make full use of pharmacists’ expertise and clinical training to improve access to care and medicine safety for all Australians.”

Health Minister Greg Hunt has claimed victory in his seat of Flinders, while pharmacist Emma McBride is expected to retain the seat of Dobell for Labor.

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